Our bread baking flours

For four generations, Minoterie Girardeau, based in the Loire-Atlantique département of France, has been offering bread baking flours to the most demanding artisans. We now sell a wide range of flours to meet your needs and those of your customers, and work with trusted partners, particularly in the local area, in Maine-et-Loire and Vendée. What do our various products all have in common? Quality, of course!

High-quality flours

Since most of our flours are certified, their traceability and production conditions are guaranteed. We are one of the founders of the CRC® sector, which guarantees consumers 100% French grains, with no post-harvest treatments and traceability from the field to the finished product. This sector is committed to agricultural practices that help to preserve diversity. We also offer ‘Label Rouge’ flours, a certification that guarantees premium quality. Moreover, the ‘Agri Ethique’ label guarantees fair remuneration for farmers.

We also place great emphasis on organic produce, with many of our flours bearing the Green Leaf (European organic agriculture) or AB (French organic agriculture) labels. These labels guarantee that cereals are grown in accordance with the principles of organic farming, i.e. without synthetic chemicals or GMOs. 

Flours for all purposes

As a supplier of flours for artisan bakers, we are committed to offering products for all purposes. We can offer you all the flours that you could possibly need at your mill, from our farine fine T45 d’exception (exceptional fine T45 flour), which makes a perfect soft pastry or patisserie, to our semi-whole wheat and whole wheat flours (T110 and T150 flours to name but a few). We also offer a wide selection of farine Bise flours (strong brown bread flours) (T80).

Discover our flours for traditional French breads: additive-free flours that can be used to make the legendary classic baguettes governed by the 1993 bread decree. Artisan bakers are also familiar with our L’Emilie T65 flour, and can even buy TradiBio from us if they wish. 

Do you like to offer your customers speciality breads? Farmhouse bread, granary bread, rye bread, you name it. The possibilities are endless with our wide range of flours, designed specifically for speciality breads made from various types of grain, such as spelt, einkorn, khorasan and quinoa.  

Our product range includes flours that have been developed especially for artisan bakers who make pastries, patisseries and biscuits. 

Flours for all purposes

Our various baking flours are ground either on cylinders or on natural flint millstones. This age-old technique produces flours that are rich in nutrients, as the germ and part of the husk are ground with the kernel. This technique is used in particular for our crème (for crème diplomate, crème pâtissière, etc.) bise (strong brown bread flour), semi-whole wheat and whole wheat flours.