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Minoterie Girardeau offers flours that are designed specifically for making France’s legendary traditional bread, the classic baguette (baguette de tradition française), which continues to be a favourite among bakery customers who are keen to rediscover authentic tastes.

“Baguette de Tradition Française”: a specific designation

The “baguette de tradition” label guarantees that breads are made using only pure flour, water, salt and yeast, and that such breads have not been subjected to additives or fast-freezing treatments.

Governed by law and a decree issued in 1993, this designation is highly significant when it comes to French expertise. The aim of the ‘bread decree’ was to regulate the production of traditional baguettes, which was suffering at the time due to the emergence of tasteless baguettes that were full of additives and dried out in just a few hours. In other words, this decree was intended to distinguish genuine artisan bakers from their less demanding counterparts.
The term ‘tradition française’ (French tradition) therefore serves as a guarantee of excellence for your customers, meeting their increasingly high expectations in terms of quality and authenticity. 

The various traditional French flours

At Minoterie Girardeau, we offer two types of traditional French flour: 

  • Farine de tradition française L’Emilie T65, made with Label Rouge and CRC® wheat. The Label Rouge certification guarantees a premium product in terms of organoleptic properties (flavour, taste and texture),
  • while the CRC® label ensures that cereals are grown using good farming practices that help to preserve biodiversity. 
  • We also offer Farine TradiBio, which is used in traditional French bread and made from organically grown wheat.

What are the characteristics of traditional French bread?

Traditional French bread will usually have a creamy caramel colour, a crisp crust and a honeycombed crumb. It is extremely popular among customers and is the perfect accompaniment for cheeses such as Brie, seasonal preserves, sauce-based dishes, cured ham and crudités. In other words, a classic baguette is perfect for any meal, occasion or celebration.