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    L’Émilie T65 Flour

    L’Emilie T65 Traditional French flour is particularly popular with artisan bakers, enabling them to offer their customers the famous “Traditional French Baguette”, whose ingredients and production conditions are governed by the 1993 “bread decree”. 

    It is therefore ideally suited to making the kind of baguette that consumers love. The traditional baguette goes perfectly with cheeses such as Brie, seasonal jams, casseroles and stews, cured hams, raw vegetables… 

    Conditions for making a Traditional French Baguette

    For a baguette to be called “traditional” – or a “Traditional French Baguette” – it must be made on site and with no additives. It must be made exclusively from bread-making wheat flour, drinking water and cooking salt. It cannot be frozen. It can be kneaded with a starter, baked in a traditional deck oven and given five slashes with a knife. 

    L’Emilie T65 flour has an ash rate (0.65%). It is easy to work with and provides the ideal raw material for offering your customers tasty, high-quality Traditional French Baguettes, with a crisp crust and a soft, cream-coloured, honeycombed crumb. It is therefore destined to be baked by a demanding baker who respects artisan working methods !

    Label Rouge and CRC® certified flour

    L’Emilie T65 flour is certified by two labels

    • Label Rouge, which guarantees a superior quality product;
    • CRC® (Culture Raisonnée Contrôlée), which guarantees the traceability of cereals, which must be 100% French. They must be treated without pesticides after harvesting and in accordance with best practices that promote biodiversity.